Blockchain-based social media platforms: A Comprehensive Guide

Virtual reality is a modern reality, and that is where most of us live. The number of social media users is growing every day, which indicates the popularity of such sites. Today, these networks have become a reality, but the reality is that they have exposed our data and knowledge to many individuals who are trying to hack into our personal lives. This has contributed to increased data breach cases. But can an answer be sought to this? Well, with Blockchain, the solution lies. While we do not assert that the panacea is Blockchain, we can definitely conclude that Blockchain has the potential to have a different effect on the industry. It has some features that for social media forums will prove beneficial. In reality, the work is on developing a social media network based on blockchain. Let’s elaborate on this in advance.

Blockchain-based social media platform: Why did the need arise?

The first question that arises is why such a forum is needed? Here, we would like to highlight the fact that we share a lot of personal information online, considering our increasing reliance on social media platforms. This makes our information vulnerable, and it is therefore easy for hackers to attack the data. So, it’s necessary to have a much safer and more stable platform. And here comes Blockchain technology’s position. This is a DLT platform which cryptographically encrypts all information and data. This guarantees that the information stays safe and secure and free from data threats.

It is for this purpose that businesses like Facebook are exploring how to use Blockchain technology to their advantage.

What’s the Blockchain Social Media?

It is a decentralized network based on blockchain technology, in simple words. For any information exchange, it provides end-to-end encryption. It also offers characteristics including

1. User Rewarding

2. Crowdfunding with

3. Transactions in-platform

So, here we bring you some of the popular social media channels based on blockchain:

Society2 on IOTA: This is a new IOTA-based social media site. This platform provides greater data protection and improves security. In addition, by watching advertising, the user can also receive IOTA tokens, and developers can use this platform to create applications.

Voice on EOS: It is a new Blockchain-based social networking network that enables content creators to distribute crypto incentives, while concentrating on accountability. The goal of this platform is to avoid fake news, dishonest ads and bots.

Reddit Ethereum points: Reddit already has a reward scheme called karma based on blockchain. An Ethereum-based incentive scheme was also announced by Reddit. This will assist in the user’s direct delivery of the cryptocurrency.

The brief info we want to share here is that only Hive is open to the general public, while the Voice platform is being tested by beta users. So, we have to wait for the release of more of these sites.

Conclusion: Blockchain is the future, making it simpler for users to use this platform for quicker transmission of data and information. We are going to see some more applications of Blockchain technology in the times ahead. If you are ready to become a Blockchain expert, then this is the right moment for the Blockchain Council to participate in a Blockchain certification program.




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