How Is Ethereum Different From Bitcoin?

Yashasvi Gupta
2 min readFeb 17, 2021


How Is Ethereum Different From Bitcoin?

How financial transactions work has been revolutionized by digital currencies. All this began with the emergence of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, and we have seen an increase in the number of cryptocurrencies on the market ever since. But Bitcoin and Ethereum would hit the mind first if we have to take the famous titles. Bitcoin is a leading cryptocurrency that caused peer-to-peer currency exchanges to grow, and several other cryptocurrencies later found their way into the market. We will be concentrating on Bitcoin and Ethereum in this blog.

Bitcoin And Ethereum:

While both Ethereum and Bitcoin are cryptocurrencies, the usage of Ethereum is not restricted to financial value alone; rather, it is also an application-building DLT platform. Ethereum Developers also focus on developing digitized and automated smart contracts.

Another distinction between the two is that the global currencies are both BTC and ETH. However, ETH’s primary aim is not to develop itself as an alternative monetary framework, but rather to promote and monetize the operation of dApps and smart contracts.

From the above discussion, we can infer that Ethereum developers are actively using the multiple utilities of Ethereum as a cryptocurrency and development platform to build different applications that can enable the use of Blockchain.

It is possible to decipher the usefulness of Ethereum from the fact that on Github there are 247 Ethereum based repositories compared to Bitcoin’s 4. The repository is where the developers work together to access project information through Github.

In addition to this, Ethereum is also supported by a Fortune 500 alliance of companies that encourage the use of Ethereum and the production of Ethereum-based applications. This relationship is called The Ethereum Alliance of Business.

We can definitely claim that Ethereum dominates the charts, with so many businesses and developers interested in this technology. All of this is due to the numerous utilities in the various segments of this technology.

And What Is Next?

Although Ethereum may not be infallible, the mode of business activity will definitely have a positive effect. We will see an increase in demand for Ethereum developers and Ethereum experts in the future. If you are willing to have a career in this area, this is the right time for the Blockchain Council to participate in the Ethereum certification program. It is one of the renowned online learning platforms that provides Ethereum and Bitcoin with a comprehensive course module. For additional information and experience, one may also apply for Blockchain certification.

The use of Blockchain and digital currency will expand massively, so if you want to grow professionally and if you want to be part of this growing technology, you must enroll for Ethereum certification at the Blockchain Council.