Skills Needed for A Blockchain Developer In 2021

Yashasvi Gupta
3 min readDec 30, 2020


Blockchain growth is possibly the world’s fastest-growing industry today, as enterprises are looking forward to new applications, systems development, and market improvement. They need the services of a Blockchain Developer specialist for all this.

Technology is an ever-advancing thing and the blockchain is the way to go to become an expert in this area and to develop a good career for now and for the future. You need to have power over unique abilities in order to become a Blockchain Developer. Let’s address the ability to receive a Blockchain developer certification that one can master:

Web Development: Web development is one of the most important things that Blockchain developers need to have influence over in order to reach the profession of Blockchain. Network architecture concepts such as back-end, front-end, which are commonly used in the development of decentralized applications, need to be commended.

Data Structures: You must have comprehensive knowledge of data structures when you begin a Blockchain developer career. Data structures such as Patricia trees or Merkle trees are continuously related to the majority of experts in this field. The use of various data structures to help create a safe and immutable framework is included in Blockchain.

Data Architecture: For a Blockchain developer, an intense understanding of critical concepts such as hash functions, distributed ledger technology, and cryptography is important. These principles should be at a developer’s fingertips. Blockchain professionals need to know how to work with Blockchain, how it works, and how it is designed.

Learn about Smart Contracts and Solidity: Smart Contracts are concerned about the automation protocols or guidelines used to ensure that no third party participates in the transaction case. Three main components are fundamentally dependent on Smart Contracts: deterministic, terminable, and isolation. Solidity is primarily a statically typed high-level language inspired by JavaScript that is responsible for writing smart contracts. There are several other languages that are used for writing smart contracts, such as Vyper, Simplicity, etc.

Experience: Now, in the Blockchain development domain, one wants to acquire some hands-on experience. Blockchain training is what allows you to bring your theoretical learning into the real world in order to expose yourself and help you become more knowledgeable in technology, software and platforms. You should apply for different internships or training programs to obtain the most realistic experience. Also, to get valuable insights, you can enter some discussion groups to interact with Blockchain professionals.

After all of these, you are advised to go for suitable certification from Blockchain developers such as IBM, CBSA, etc. that would assist you to land many critical career opportunities along with providing the learning analysis and validation platforms. The above is the roadmap that will lead you to be a good developer of Blockchain. Without tremendous commitment, hard work and discipline, it is not easy to become a Blockchain professional. Blockchain developers seem to be using ravishing opportunities in view of the growth of Blockchain technology, its growing usage in various industries and the research undertaken by the Blockchain Council to find its scope in the future.