Top Blockchain Platforms for Digital Marketing

Blockchain is a development not only in technology, but also in the digital world and various online platforms. Nearly all has been based on a Blockchain technology introduced as a solution for days now. It is not unreasonable to claim that marketing standards have their share of Blockchain technology, offering solutions for businesses and advertisers, and it is not shocking. Digital marketing is a critical component of the marketing strategy for any organization in this age of digitization, since it has the ability to increase any brand’s exposure. Digital marketing is quickly advancing as a medium, producing anticipated outcomes. Blockchain technology is another technology that is pursuing the same rate of development. The promise of changing the digital marketing landscape for better performance in the promotion of brands and companies has also been demonstrated.

The Blockchain platform is considered to be a digital, decentralized ledger framework that maintains transaction records based on peer-to-peer networks. Even, the digital marketing and advertisement business is not unaffected by the disruptive impact of Blockchain’s digital ledger. Here, we are going to address a few main channels through which Blockchain is changing digital marketing for the better.

HYPERLEDGER: This is a modular Blockchain system designed to advance Blockchain technology throughout industries. Hyperledger, hosted by the Linux Foundation, guarantees global cooperation. Due to its usefulness in developing transactional applications with a unique approach that inspires trust, openness, and accountability for digital marketers and helps them deal with business processes and legal frameworks, it is extremely useful in digital marketing. Hyperledger provides a distributed ledger system that includes smart contracts that protect sensitive business, consumer, and business data. It is a shared network scheme that is cost-effective and simple. Access to any marketer and consumer who can access the Blockchain network is created by its decentralized digital operating system.

ETHEREUM: It is a distributed computing platform built on an open-source blockchain, well known for running smart contracts on a personalized Blockchain. Ethereum is a public Blockchain platform for which access does not require special permission. Ether is a native Ethereum cryptocurrency, fueling the network as it is used by developers developing apps on Ethereum to pay fees for services and transactions in Ethers. It is claimed to be superior to Bitcoin because of its ability to reduce third party costs.

Quorum: An enterprise-focused version of Ethereum modifies the essence of Ethereum and easily and efficiently integrates improvements to the Ethereum network. Quorum is also an open-source and permissionless Blockchain platform, much like Ethereum. It is capable of handling applications requiring high processing throughput and private transaction speed. Quorum helps to fix privacy problems even better than other Blockchain networks.

RECORDSKEEPER: Recordkeeper is a Blockchain-centered solution designed to most efficiently store, exchange, and handle sensitive data. Nobody can erase, tamper with, or change the data stored on this platform. It also provides organized and easily usable record keeping for people and organizations. There are several useful features offered by Recordkeeper, such as comprehensive configurability. Rapid deployment, administration of permissions, native assets and streams of data. It helps to minimize data saving expenses by storing a hash of data to serve as a digital fingerprint.

CORDA: Corda is an open-source blockchain platform that, since it is highly scalable and agile, can meet the demands of any enterprise with its scalability. Corda allows you to create Blockchain interoperable networks that are solely privately run. Corda’s smart contract technology offers privacy and will enable businesses to transact directly in a highly secure way, with value. The data and information of the Corda ledger transactions are encrypted and only accessible by the necessary parties. Corda is used by digital marketers and blockchain experts as the foundation for real-world issues relevant to the digital marketing industry, and it helps to create robust solutions.

As this technology facilitates extensive opportunities to lead the industry, Blockchain will present greater opportunity for digital marketers. Since Blockchain is increasing at a frantic rate of innovation, new technologies are coming out with additional features and evolving along with greater growth opportunities for Blockchain-based industries and businesses. It has also opened up scope for those who are looking for a Blockchain career. All of the platforms discussed above will enable you to open new growth gateways. Through using the services of a professional with Blockchain certification, you can also benefit from these platforms in your business.



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