Visa moves to allow payment settlements using cryptocurrency.

Yashasvi Gupta
3 min readApr 9, 2021


If we have to name the most revolutionary change in the world of technology in recent years, then you have to count cryptocurrency and Blockchain in the list. Bitcoin is the pioneering cryptocurrency in this domain. It highlighted the fact that transactions can take place without third-party intervention, and you can have faster transactions using a decentralized platform that guarantees complete security of data. Although cryptocurrency exchange does have its set of apprehensions surrounding its sustenance, in the long run, we have to agree to the fact that it has opened a new gateway of opportunities for a new phase of the digital financial revolution.

What is the latest buzz?

Despite many countries like China being apprehensive about the sustenance of cryptocurrency, many payment platforms have recognized its importance and have seen its growing acceptance.

Many payment platforms are now finding out ways to use cryptocurrency, and the latest addition to this is Visa. The company has decided to accept cryptocurrency exchange via its platform. It will allow the use of cryptocurrency USD Coin to settle transactions on its payment network.

The USD Coin (USDC) is a stablecoin cryptocurrency whose value is directly associated with the US dollar. It’s not just Visa; there are other platforms like BlackRock Inc and Mastercard Inc that have accepted cryptocurrency. This acceptance clearly indicates that in the times to come, we are going to witness a rise in the use of cryptocurrency, and they will sooner become a part of our investment portfolio.

The acceptance of cryptocurrency has got some major breakthroughs, with Tesla announcing the purchase of its cars with Bitcoin. This step will give a boost to the acceptance of cryptocurrency in the e-commerce market.

This was the news regarding the use of cryptocurrencies. There are many areas that are still exploring the right ways to use cryptocurrencies. If you, too, wish to make an investment, then investing in cryptocurrency is the best move.

Now the question arises what makes cryptocurrency stand so strong? The answer is its underlying platform, Blockchain. This decentralized ledger allows the faster exchange of cryptocurrency without the need of the user to disclose their ID. In addition to this, all the information pertaining to a transaction remains secured on the DL platform, thus making it the safest platform for monetary exchange. Blockchain finds a multitude of use cases across the different segments of the industries, and this cryptocurrency exchange is one of them. In the times to come, we are going to witness a far more rise in the use of Blockchain and its application in the real world.

What’s in it for you?

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are here to stay. They have propelled a new wave of change, which has created a demand for working professionals who can provide the practical application of this technology. It is expected that Blockchain will witness a whopping rise with a CAGR of 67.3% between 2016 and 2025. This massive increase will also create a demand for experts in this domain. If you, too, are willing to become an expert in cryptocurrency, then you must connect with the Blockchain Council today.