What are the career opportunities for a certified NFT expert?

This is a new world. And it’s all about innovation. Though IT sector is ever changing and therefore has the most potential to accept the new and different ideas. One of the latest buzz of the town is NFT, Non- Fungible Token somewhat like cryptocurrency. Only with a difference that every NFT is different or we can say unique which makes it impossible to be traded or exchanged for one another.

Non fungible tokens provide ownership for the digital items like image, sound file or text. It is same as owning a crypto coin. The difference is crypto coins has a fixed value so they can be exchanged for the other but NFT doesn’t work like that. Every NFT is unique. It’s orice depends upon what the buyer is willing to pay. It can worth a lot if the NFT is made by someone famous and buyer is also a passionate and wealthy collector.

On Ethereum, cryptoPunks in 2017 was the first NFT. After this next NFT project which is cryptoKitties came, which become one of the most popular and successful NFT project. Ethereum is the basis for most of current NFT projects.

With the ongoing development in the field of blockchain technology, the use of NFTs has also increased. It means the demand for the NFT experts will also rise which means that the traditional study or courses are not capable of providing the edge or uniqueness to the profile.It might be a new course but a course with a lot of growth potential and a course which is capable of providing a growth on personal and professional level as well.

Why one should join NFT certification course?

NFT certification is capable of providing an edge over competition as with the increased use of NFT in the IT sector it is becoming a desired must have quality every recruiter seeks. NFT expert is capable of distinguish between the fungible and non-fungible assets. NFT training enables a person to contribute in the development of blockchain technology for the non fungible assets.

NFT certification will nit only provides in-depth knowledge of non fungible tokens but also the related technologies like blockchain and blockchain based Ethereum. They are also capable of building smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Sectors where NFT expert can work?

With the development of blockchain and blockchain based technologies the NFT use cases are increasing day by day. There are many sectors which are currently using NFT experts services and many which are potential users. Some of these are

  • Gaming
  • Virtual world
  • Digital art
  • Fashion designing
  • Licensing and certification
  • Sports
  • Decentralized finance
  • Market places
  • Collectibles
  • Ethereum name service and domain

All the above sectors are seeking NFT experts for the development of new projects that can stand out and can provide the edge over others.

What job a NFT expert can do?

NFT experts after completing the certificate course successfully can offer their services in many areas. Some of them are-

  • A blockchain developer
  • A blockchain architect
  • A blockchain consultant
  • A blockchain project manager
  • A smart contract developer
  • An Ethereum developer
  • An Ethereum expert


With so many posts it can be said that the NFT experts have lots of growth opportunities in the IT sector. The professional growth of a NFT expert is more faster than any other person who lacks the knowledge of non fungible tokens.



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